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Eligibility: Active and retired, local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel, civilian, professional staff including volunteers and reserves within State of California

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$25 minimum in required savings
$25 minimum to start checking

This complimentary benefit covers eligible member loans taken out at The Police Credit Union and is provided at no cost to the borrower.

End of Watch Debt Forgiveness Benefit is a waiver addendum to the loan agreement(s) between the borrower and The Police Credit Union under which The Police Credit Union agrees to cancel the amount of the borrower’s eligible loan(s) if the member dies while engaged in work related activities as a fulltime law enforcement officer, whether on or off duty, as the result of external force, violence or heart attack, stroke, or illness directly caused by physical training or other strenuous activity required of a law enforcement officer.


Who is eligible for the End of Watch Debt Forgiveness Benefit?
A peace officer employed by a federal, state, county or municipal agency, employed as a state prosecutor, correction officer, reserve peace officer, law enforcement officer for a college or university.

Is there a cost to add this benefit?
There is no cost as a member of The Police Credit Union.

How do I qualify for this benefit?
To qualify for the End of Watch Debt Forgiveness Benefit, the borrower must 1. Have funded a new loan amount of at least $10,000 with The Police Credit Union

When does the coverage start and what is the maximum coverage?
On the first day of coverage, End of Watch Debt Forgiveness Benefit will cancel the outstanding loan balance of the eligible officer’s date of death – up to a combined maximum of $850,000 for all of the officer’s qualifying loans with The Police Credit Union.

What are examples of loans that are covered?
Mortgage & Home Equity Loans, Auto Loans, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Lines of Credit

Why should I have my loan with The Police Credit Union?
Provide peace and mind for the officer and his/her family that the loans under the End of Watch Debt Forgiveness will be taken care of. This is also an exclusive benefit offered by The Police Credit Union.

*What are the End of watch Debt Forgiveness Benefit Exclusions?

  • Death from suicide or self-inflicted injury or abuse

  • Pre-existing health conditions

  • Death due to disease or other causes not directly related to work-related activities including but no limited to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart or liver disease

  • Covered borrower is aged 70+

  • Death occurs prior to the effective date of protection

  • Death occurs as a result of a crime committed by borrower

  • Death is caused by an outbreak of a communicable disease epidemic or pandemic

  • Death from an atomic explosion, war, terrorism

*Please see waiver addendum for additional detail regarding program exclusions terms and conditions

For more details visit www.thepolicecu.org/endofwatch

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