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Erik Jon Telen EOW 08-21-2001

Erik Jon Telen EOW 08-21-2001

Today we honor fallen Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputy Erik Jon Telen who was gunned down by a burglary suspect in the mountains of Fresno County (Dunlap, CA) on August 21, 2001.

The Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association will never forget the solemn day of August 21, 2001. This changed our deputies and shook this agency.

There is a stone monument that sits at the front door of the Telen Substation in Squaw Valley – a reminder to all of us past and present. Erik loved his family and loved being a deputy sheriff.

Erik is survived by his beautiful children. His son, Erik Jr, born October 1, 2001, will never know his father. Their kids are becoming wonderful additions to this community and we thank Shelly for the job you are doing. Shelly and her children stay in touch with us at the FDSA and continue to strive for excellence in their lives.

Take the time today, as we are at the Fresno Deputy Sheriffs Association, and remember our friend Erik Telen. Erik paid the ultimate sacrifice for the citizens of Fresno County.

Below are Erik’s children, Bethanie (20), Brooke (19) Erik Jr (17)

We will always honor him and we will never forget him. God Bless

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